Data Management

Typical Endowment Data Management & Self-Service Business Intelligence Adoption

Information Technology Strategy And Governance
  • Invest in data and data preparation
  • Nurture culture, skills of BI Tool to end users
  • Ease of use and integration with applications

Endowment tech categorizes and analyze various types of investment channel. We look at life cycle of various Funds and depict the trends with different visualization techniques. Data management and analytics for endowment funds, linking different sources with domain expertise and managing exception data sets for future analysis is our core strength. We help our clients to define & implement Data Governance standards to keep the industry standard data quality for better analytical needs.

Cash in Hand Trend Graph

Family Office Technology

Time Series graph shows the pattern of cash availability to invest into various commitments and funds.

Accounts Receivables & Utilizations

Asset Management technology for endowments

The Graph shows the trend of how company utilizes the cash. Shows the sources of the funds and utilization of those funds. Drill down to every cash transaction is enabled from the visual.

Endowment Research Data, Investment, Commitments, will be available for analysts and decision makers through the platform. Typical issues of legacy applications will be taken care by modernizing the platform / applications. We build the data store for boutique technology consulting firms reports and dashboards based on the road map of the enterprise.

Endowment Tech’s Sample Endowment Data Warehousing Architecture

Alternative Investments Technology

Visual Analysis using Tableau

As an Endowment, you will find additional efficiency in the executive decision-making process by utilizing the Dashboards as part of your Management Information Systems (MIS) strategy. Tableau is a visualization tool through which you can visualize data and create dashboards in an effective way. Identification of required Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based on vision and mission of the university or Endowment IT will be first step to implement this strategy.

We have helped endowments and central IT’s in the following areas
  • Tableau Server Installation and Maintenance
  • Building Data Layer for Analysis
  • Building Dashboards
  • Training BA’s in Tableau for Analysis
Sample reports where we helped our clients
  • Fund 360
  • Unfunded Reconciliation
  • Fund Trades Data Receiver
  • Monthly Performance Val Report

Fund Analysis Dashboard

Investment Analytics technology

Technologies helped thus far

Many endowments are getting more done with Endowment-Tech Services