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About Us

Endowment Tech Services (Endowment-Tech) is an end-to- end predictive analytics information technology (IT services) provider for Endowments, Foundations and related Investment management technology for endowments firms only. We support Endowment and Foundations specific CRM, Investment Analytics Technology, alternative investments technology, Risk, Performance, Valuation, Operations, Due Diligence and Reporting domain areas. Our staff have various IT certifications and degrees from prestigious universities such MIT and Columbia University. Our IT leaders have over 30 years of collective IT experience.

Endowment-Tech Services has complete range for Endowment and Foundations specific IT solutions including CTO Services, Information Management Systems, Data Management / BI, Application Development, and QA Services. Our mission is to deliver Endowment Specific IT Strategies for big results, reduce time to respond business needs, increase coverage of technologies supported and implement next generation technologies faster.

With focused only around Endowments and Foundations, investment analytics technology, alternative investments technology, as there are high chances that we would have solved for challenges you are facing today somewhere else. With our experience, we can deliver best quality solutions to your complex challenges big or small in an efficient and timely manner.

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Our Vision & Mission

  • Endowment Specific IT Strategies for max. results
  • Reduce time to respond business needs
  • Increase Coverage of Technologies Supported
  • Implement next generation technologies faster
Honesty Honesty

We believe in building Open and Honest Relationships by always saying truth in our communications

Honesty Honesty

Our corporate responsibility mission is focused on making positive impact to Universities IT departments, students, our employees and communities around us

Integrity Integrity

We believe in acting with Integrity. To us, Integrity means acting with honesty, carefully giving & keeping promises and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do

Our Team

With a strong team of IDAM & SIS architects, UI-UX designers, .Net & Java architects, enterprise data analyst & solution architects, reporting & visualization experts, cloud architects and machine-learning experts, no problem is too big (or too small) for Endowment-Tech. With offices in Plainsboro, NJ and Chennai India, Endowment-Tech offers the best of breed IT talent to deliver highest quality solutions

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We believe in exceeding client expectations & personalized services to our clients and it will be our pleasure to hear from you. To know more about our services please contact us at

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